Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FC Twente Saga Still on for Bimal Gharti Magar

The FC Twente Saga is the most important for Nepalese Football Fans as the fans could see first Nepalese player enrolled with the first tier Football club in Nepal.

Bimal Gharti Magar, 16 is one of the highly rated player in Nepal, he has already trained with FC Twente for about a week and even scored four goals individually.

May be Nepali Football fans are too busy with Nepali Cricket at the moment, but there is one new news to enjoy about when it has been confirmed by Givemegoal.com in an interview with Bangladesh U16 coach and national team assistant coach Rene Koster that FC Twente are still interested with Bimal Gharti Magar but the only problem is his visa.

In an interview with givemegoal, Rene also said that he is working hard to promote Bimal in Europe which means he is trying to manage a club for Bimal.

Rene previously already said that he would be trying his best to make a platform for Bimal as he was highly impressed with the youngster.

For 16 years old, it is a great feet for him to train with FC Twente and even score which means he is certainly up to something in near future.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Moment Against Pakistan - If I were Bimal

Bimal Gharti Magar, who was already the expectations of the Nation became the most beloved one when he netted a goal against Pakistan, in a much needed situation. He scored in the dying minutes of the game when Nepal were 1-0 down to Pakistan, certainly he was able to uplift the hope and emotion of Nepalese fans not only in the match but in entire Nepalese Football.

The match was Live and the Streaming were all available in the SAFF, Kantipur TV broadcasted the live and whole Nation was SAFFoholic.

When Bimal scored he not only scored for him, not only for his team but for all the Nation. He must have felt very proud, the feeling which could not be explained in words.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bimal Gharti Magar - Background

May be he is already known to all with his clinical finish, Bimal Gharti Magar was some one who struggled a lot to enter the world of Nepalese Football on his past.

Born in Bhadra 31, 2054 at Nawalparasi, Bimal had interest at Football from his very Childhood, he used to play Football in his place. That time, they did not have a television set in their home, so he used to go to his neighbors to watch Football as said by Bimal's mother.

Bimal had an early trauma to go through when his father passed away during at accident when he was 9. His father was ex-policeman and also a Footballer who played for Nepal Police Club's B team.

After he passed away, Bimal's mother took care of him. He was already admitted to Dipendra Police School where he used to play Football before his mother admitted him to ANFA Butwal with some contacts his mother had as a wife to a late Police officer.

He was then selected to ANFA academy in Kathmandu where he has been doing very well and now is a part of senior National team at very small age.

The article was written in givemegoal.com titled Bimal Gharti Magar and his sad past.