Tuesday, April 8, 2014

World Cup in Nepal - Football Movie that Represents Children Right

There may be many football related movies made over all. With Football being one of the most loved sports and has billions of followers, the directors and the producers target this sports to build up good follower of the movie. There are many best football movies made so far, however there has been very little or no history of a movie made in Nepalese Football ever.

Football movie in Nepal

World Cup in Nepal is a movie that displays the dedication of the main character Bipin towards the football. Its is believed to be the movie based in the true story and the movie tries to display a close relationship between Child and Parent Psychology.

The movie has collected good review so far with its trails and some of the premier shows abroad Nepal and is expected to release in Nepal very fast.

The movie was already shown in Israel film festival and the review was good enough which could attract good viewers.

Although Cricket has gained a lot of success in recent times, Football is arguably the best followed and stable sports in Nepal at the moment which makes us believe the movie will be good success.

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